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Connecting Regional History with National History... by Telling the Stories of Individuals

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About Russ Gifford


Teaching Awards and History Grants:

  • Two awards for teaching: "Outstanding Instructor" and the "All Star Instructor" from The Institute for Lifelong Learning, Western Iowa Tech Community College.

  • Chosen as the local presenter for the National Humanities funded project, "Picturing America."

  • Iowa Humanities funded his "Iowa in the American Civil War" project, featuring letters from Iowa wives and Iowa soldiers, providing a picture of the experiences of all Iowans during the Civil War.

  • Designated to create and deliver the "Dr. Robert E. Dunker Leadership Lectures" to demonstrate and teach quality leadership skills. This was initially funded by the Kind World Foundation, and the lectures have continued semi-annually for more than a decade. 

  • Project REAP (Rural Enterprise Action Program) award for his series of workshops teaching good business practices for rural small businesses.

  • Asked to produce a play for the 200th anniversary of the visit by the Lewis and Clark Expedition to Siouxland area, funded by the State of Nebraska Tourism program, and delivered to audiences in 2004 and 2005.

Other Awards and Recognition:

  • National Cities Leadership award and stipend. Included in this were projects funded by the State of Nebraska that resulted in the creation of the first eCity, the citywide 'FreeNet', classes to teach businesses and private users how to use the web, plus moving various cities and counties municipalities toward a paperless future.

  • Charged with development and design of a prototype interactive Internet-driven distant education classroom. Project was built with a technology grant from the State of Nebraska and local in-kind matching donations.

  • Two Spotlight awards from Gateway

  • Recognition from the City of South Sioux for his efforts in technology that led to the Paperless City Hall, eCity, and the first public-private ownership of an 8 mile fiber optic ring serving South Sioux City.

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